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Provide superior behavioral and mental health services for minors, adults and their families.

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Intensive In-Home Counseling Services Ages 5-18

The main focus of intensive in-home services is to provide frequent and structured mental health support in the home of a child who is at risk of being removed from the home.The program provides aid and assistance to the family in accessing needed services to prevent removal from the home.

Mental Health Skill-Building Services Ages 18 And Older

Mental Health Skill Building Services are provided for individuals 18 years and older who suffer from serious mental illness or mental illness with intellectual disabilities or substance abuse history.

What We Can Do For You

Diagnostic Assessments

This can include linkage to educational services, psychiatric services, psychological services, medical services, social services and/or legal services.

Determination of Service Needs

Includes support evaluations and follow-up of all clients .

24 Hour Crisis Intervention

This is for for Intensive In-Home clients.

Family counseling and support

This is for for Intensive In-Home clients.

Therapeutic Recreation

The goal is to prevent future hospitalizations, homelessness and incarceration, and to improve daily living and functioning skills.

Community Involvement

Including Access to Community Resources and Discharge Planning.

Mental Health Support Goals training and reinforcement

  • Independent living skills – taking care of the home, personal hygiene and belongings
  • Paying bills and budgeting money
  • Keeping important medical and psychiatric appointments
  • Medication management
  • Coping skills for mental illness diagnosis
  • Accessing community resources (e.g., health, food, educational, vocational, recreational)
  • Socialization opportunities and social skills

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H.Y.P.E.ᶾ mission is to provide superior behavioral and mental health services by offering youth, adolescents, adults and their families better options, more resources, interventions, and individualized person-centered plans to operate at their fullest potential.  We seek to provide each person with the tools necessary to identify internal abilities and resources in order to achieve positive goals.  We strive to meet the needs of our clients while evoking and instilling hope and trust. Through sound evidence-based therapeutic interventions, motivation and unconditional support H.Y.P.E.ᶾ will strive to inspire each client to reach their fullest potential within the home, school and community setting.


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